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25 Years AIP! 25 Years Access to Information Advocacy

23 October 2021 г.

October 23, 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Access to Information Programme!


During all these years, we have been steadily pursuing our mission of assisting the exercise of the right of access to information.


We advocate for improving the state of access to information in Bulgaria by monitoring of practices, submission of official statements on legislaton, participation in public debates, provision of legal aid, strategic litigation. We encourage the exercise of the right of access to information through educational and raising awareness campaigns.


As a result of 25 years persistent efforts in the access to information area for the protection of the right to information and the enhancing of government transparency and accountability, Access to Information Programme has been recognized as an organization of trust, as a Transparency Advice Center.


AIP participation in international networks and initiatives that aim to push higher the standards in the field, and our sharing of advocacy experience have inspired other colleagues around the world to stand up for the access to information cause.


We thank all colleagues, partners, supporters and friends and our coordinators in the country for the long-term cooperation and support!